Boughey Gardens Tennis Club - Constitution



The Club shall be named The Boughey Gardens Tennis Club.


The Club is constituted by these rules as a non-profit making members Club. In no circumstances during the continuance of the Club nor at after its dissolution shall any assets or surplus funds be distributed to any Member or other Person nor to any organisation which is itself either constituted as a non-profit making or a Charity.

The Club shall be affiliated to the Shropshire L T A.


There shall be the following class of Membership


(a)        Senior

(b)        Junior playing as a senior

(c)        Junior

Subscriptions will be fixed annually by the Elected Committee.


Subscriptions run from


1 April to 31 October (Summer Period)

1 November to 31 March (Winter Period).


Except for the purposes of the subscriptions, the Club's financial year will run from 1 October to 30 September, and accounts submitted to the AGM shall be prepared accordingly.




Persons of either sex are eligible for full membership of the club provided they are at least 18 years old. No person shall be denied membership of the club on the grounds of race, ethnic origin, creed, colour, age, disability, sex, occupation, sexual organization, religion, political or other beliefs


A Member wishing to withdraw Membership must notify the Secretary by 31 March in writing, otherwise he/she will be liable for the full subscription.  


The Committee shall have the power to terminate or suspend the Membership of any Member whom it considers guilty of a breach of these Rules or of misconduct or offensive behaviour to any other member.


Members leaving unattended Vehicles, rackets, clothing or any other property at the club do so at their own risk. The Club shall not be responsible for any loss, damage or injury resulting from this or any other cause.

Visitors' Fees


Visitors may be introduced by a Member at the cost fixed by the Committee, and a Visitor may not play more than three times in a season, after which must become a fully paid up member.




(a) This shall be in the entire control of the Committee consisting of four Members in addition to the Officers who shall be ex-officio Members of the Committee and shall be Chairman, Vice- Chairman, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer and all Team Captains.

(b) The Committee have the power to make and revise the Club's regulations.


(c) The Committee shall meet at least four times a year.

The AGM shall be held each year between 15 October and 30 November inclusive.

Rules and Regulations


These shall be displayed on the Club notice board.



The Club shall be dissolved on the passing of a resolution to that effect at a General Meeting after due notice by at least 2/3 of the Members present and voting. Such a meeting shall appoint a Committee to wind up the affairs of the Club and shall give general directions as to the disposal of any assets within the scope of Rule 2.